Friday, October 24, 2014

5 on Friday

This week was interesting.  While we had lots of fun days... going to the mall and lunch with my mom, decorating cookies, and having friends over for a play date, we also had some not so great moments.  I wanted to go on many afternoon walks with Noah, but the rain foiled those plans!  Chris is super busy at work and had to work late a few nights (and will continue to do so next week too).  Noah decided to barely nap a few days, meaning I didn't get to tackle my to-do list like I had hoped.  In addition to changing his sheets many times (still having leaking problems), he also peed on my bathroom floor and bath mat (just glad it wasn't the carpet!).  To say I'm ready for the weekend (and better weather) is an understatement!  In the meantime, let's get to my friday five...


Noah's party is next weekend, so we are in crunch mode getting ready!  We will be running to Costco and Target this weekend for some last minute items and I will be cleaning the house and decorating this week.  A lot will have to be done last minute though since Noah would just destroy it otherwise ;)


This week I was in Jcrew returning some dresses and I saw the cutest outfit for Noah on the mannequin.  I thought it was cool how they paired the dressy shirt and sweater with some fitted sweatpants.  I ended up buying the outfit as is and think it would be perfect for our low key Thanksgiving at our house!  Also great, the 25% off EVERYTHING they are offering right now!


A few months ago I discovered Urban Cowgirl, and now I'm officially obsessed!  I was looking for an infinity scarf and I love all the prints she offers!  The hard part is picking just one (or five)!  I also love the knotted headbands she sells and want to buy them for every little girl I know!


Tomorrow, I get to have some girl time with my best friend.  Chris is going to his parents' house with Noah and I'm going to the movies with Marlaina!  We are going to see The Best of Me!


Finally, Happy 2nd Birthday to my nephew, Aidan!  He reminds us so much of my brother (his dad) as a kid... it's uncanny!  I hope you have a super fun weekend celebrating!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Noah the Firefighter!

Noah is dressing up as a firefighter this year.  I have a feeling this is the last year I will get away with choosing his costume for him ;)   Last year Noah was the cutest pumpkin!  We have a few Halloween events to go to next week in addition to trick or treating.  This will be the first year we go door to door and I expect we will only go to a few.  We decided to do a practice run over the weekend and Noah seems to really like the costume.  It's warm and feels almost like a normal outfit, so it's easy to move around in.  He also likes playing with the rubber axe :). We are now super excited for Halloween!

firefighter costume (sold out in Noah's size) | axe

I smell smoke... Can you check out if everything is okay in your climber???

All clear!  

^^^ where's my hat?

What is your kid dressing up as for Halloween this year?  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's The Little Things | Noah's 2nd Birthday Wishlist

I can't believe Noah will be 2 in about 2 weeks!  We will be having a kids' party for him on the Saturday and then having a small family celebration on his actual birthday.  Since his birthday and Christmas are pretty close together, I've been thinking about what to get Noah for gifts.  While he doesn't necessarily "need" any more toys, I wanted to get him a few things I know he would love as well as things to help him learn.

We will be giving Noah this table and chair set.  He currently has this table and uses it a lot.  While it's great, I want to get him a slightly sturdier and larger table.  He is currently really into arts and crafts and think this will get a lot of use!  My parents are getting him the Little Tikes car with trailer and gas pump.  Noah loves filling up his shopping cart with goodies, so I can just picture him filling up his trailer and going for trips!  I love toys that encourage imaginative play!

Other than that, Noah loves anything kitchen related and cars/trucks/trains.  He loves to copy me when I vacuum and is such a littler helper.  I think he would love this broom set!  I don't think a kid can have too many books or puzzles.  Noah has learned so much from us reading and doing puzzles together!  Noah also loves having new toys for the bath and I think this octopus with rings could be really fun for Noah (and Chris!).  And since Noah is really into trucks right now, I bet he'd love these fire engine pajamas (especially since he's going as a fireman for Halloween!).

Am I missing something a 2 year old boy would absolutely LOVE!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Getting in the Halloween Spirit!

This month, we've been trying to do a lot of "Fall" activities with Noah.  We've gone apple picking, to the pumpkin patch, gone on nature walks, and even raked some leaves.  I've also been doing some pumpkin crafts with Noah in honor of Halloween.  

After going to the pumpkin patch, we painted our pumpkins.  I was silly and thought the three of us could all paint at the same time, forgetting that Noah needed close supervision.  Instead of painting with one color at a time, he preferred to mix the paint colors together and just go at it.  If there's one thing I've learned with a toddler, don't try to micromanage and just let them go with it!  

Noah also had fun with Grandma decorating cupcakes and making sugar cookies!

Today, we are hosting a play date and going to make a pumpkin craft.  Noah and Chris made one over the weekend as a sample :)

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Pictures

After many super busy weekends, it was nice to have one where we weren't running around nonstop.  However, once you have a house, you know that there is never a weekend with nothing to do.  We stayed pretty busy tackling our never ending to-do list!  

Friday afternoon, Noah and I went apple picking with our MOMS Club.  One of the mom's family owns a farm in town, so we were able to have a private apple picking session ;)   Before heading home, we stopped by my parents' house.  That's where I discovered that Noah had some pretty bad diaper rash (first time ever!).  It made for a pretty unhappy boy... playing in the sink seemed to make him happy at least!  We got Chinese food for dinner and Chris met us there after work.  

Normally, we have swim class on Saturday mornings.  But because of said diaper rash, we thought it would be best to avoid the chlorine.  Instead, we went to a town event that had been rained out last weekend.  It was held in a strip mall right around the corner from our neighborhood.  All the vendors were out giving out little treats and they even had a DJ, petting zoo, and balloon animals! 

Dunkin Donuts gave out full Boston Creme Donuts!  Noah like it until he got to the cream... I was the lucky one who got to finish it!

^^^ It's supposed to be a dog ;)

On Sunday, we met up with my friend, Kristen, to have some family pictures taken.  We hope to use one on our Christmas card and also wanted to get some of Noah for his 2nd Birthday!  It was a little windier and colder than I would have liked, but I still think it went well.  I can't wait to see how they turned out. 

Sunday afternoon, Chris worked around the house and ran some errands and I planned out a gallery wall on the stairs.  

Noah grilled despite the cold while Chris swept the leaves off the deck.  

We then had some spaghetti for dinner.  Though Noah decided he'd rather just eat the shredded cheese!

Was your weekend filled with real plans or a bunch of random stuff like ours?

Friday, October 17, 2014

5 on Friday

Another week has passed.  Thankfully it was a 4 day week for us and Chris didn't have to work late.  Most of our play dates with friends were cancelled because of colds, but we still had fun.  Here's to a fun weekend!


Noah got his haircut on Monday.  We kept it a little longer this time and did more of a little boy's haircut rather than a buzz.  We were ready for a screaming Noah, so we had him sit on my lap, brought bubbles & Elmo, and had some mini M&Ms ready for him.  Shockingly, he didn't cry at all this visit!  We were so proud of him!


I started reading "Where'd You Go Bernadette" this week.  I'm really liking it so far.  Have you read it and did you like it?  


Since Noah is now obsessed with Elmo, we bought him an Elmo cup.  I think he (and Elmo) approves!


This weekend we will be taking some family pictures.  Here's what we will all be wearing.  I still haven't decided whether to wear the tan ankle boots or go with black leather riding boots... what do you think would look better?


Yesterday, was my older brother's birthday.  Happy Birthday David!

from my wedding day - 8.28.10

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